What do the lights mean on the GO! Big Fabric Cutter?

Here is some helpful information regarding the lights on the GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter:

  • No lights: Power is off, or cutter is not plugged in.
  • Green Solid: Power is on.
  • Green Flashing: Cutter is in the process of cutting fabric, keep hands and other
    items clear of the No-Hands Zone until the die exits the back of the cutter and the
    motor stops, indicating that cutting is complete.
  • Green and Blue solid: Cutter senses a touch in the No Hands Zone in or around the
    rollers. Remove hands from this area, or stop touching the cutter in the area, for the
    cutter to start cutting.
  • Green flashing and Red solid: Power is on, but the cutter cannot pull the die through
    (die jam). The cutter will reverse to clear the die, fabric and cutting mat.
  • TIP: If the Solid Red light turns on while cutting, you may be trying to cut too many
    layers of fabric and causing the die to jam.
  • Red solid: The unit is manual reverse mode. Proceed to step 2 in the instructions
  • Red flashing: The cutter has shut down as a safety precaution. Proceed to step 3 in
    the instructions below.