How do I get Perfect Strips for my Bias Binding?

AccuQuilt Strip Cutter Dies are the best way to give you perfect strips for bias binding. You'll be convinced!

Cutting Bias Binding

The bias grain runs on a 45º angle to the selvages. It has the most stretch, so it distorts easily. You must be extremely careful when handling the bias. Cutting on the bias grain will distort your cuts, although it is perfect for making bias tape and selected bindings (like scalloped edges), it is best to avoid cutting on the bias as much as possible. The lengthwise grain and crosswise grain are both referred to as the Straight Grain or Straight of Grain.

Below, Pam Heller - your AccuQuilt Cutting Expert (ACE) will convince you that cutting strips for binding with scissors or a rotary cutter is light-years behind the AccuQuilt Strip Cutter Dies. The strip dies give you perfect cuts each time - giving you binding without any twists and turns. Now, you'll have nothing to blame that jagged edge on!