How do I redeem and use my Reward Points?

Using Reward Points

AccuQuilt Reward Points can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases in 1-point increments (50 points = $1 US). Simply take your reward points and divide by 50 to obtain the dollar value.

Please follow the below steps to REDEEM your reward points:

1. Log in to your online account at
2. Add items to your Shopping Bag
3. Continue to Checkout
4. Enter your Shipping Address
5. Select Shipping Method
6. Click NEXT
7. Select Payment Method
8. Below the Payment Method options and below Have a Promo Code and Apply Gift Card - you will see REWARD POINTS with a scroll bar (see below)
9. Apply your reward points = 3 Options (see below): 
  • you can either move the small green box on the line to apply all or some of your points (indicated by the red arrow) OR
  • click the plus sign at the end of the line (indicated by the yellow arrow) OR
  • click the box USE ALL ACCUQUILT REWARDS (indicated by the purple arrow) to apply ALL your earned Reward Points

10. Click APPLY (indicated by the green arrow)

11. Continue with placing your order

Still have questions?

  • Please contact the Customer Experience team by creating a Help Center Support Ticket at: Create a Customer Support Ticket describing the your question. You can also contact us directly via online Live Chat, or by calling 1-888-258-7913, Monday - Friday between the hours of 8am - 5pm CT.