What is an AccuQuilt Companion Set?

Do I need an AccuQuilt Companion set?

Turn your creativity loose! By combining a GO! Qube Companion Set with the Basic GO! Qube Mix & Match Block, you can create a multitude of different blocks. GO! Qube Companion Sets and Bundles

  • GO! Qube Companion sets provide additional shapes (Angles or Corners) that you can use in combination with your GO! Mix & Match Block to create even more patterns! Check out this link for all the Companion Sets and Bundles!
    GO! Qube Companion Sets and Bundles
  • Combine quilt blocks to create 6", 8", 9", 10” and 12" pieced blocks like the 216 ideas shown in the link below, or turn your creativity loose and come up with your own designs.
  • Illustrated with numbers on sample blocks, you can coordinate with dies from the GO! Qube Mix & Match Blocks AND GO! Qube Companion Set-OR GO! Qube Companion Set-Angles in just one download! 
  • Here is the link to download the free GO! Mix & Match 216 Quilt Blocks Pattern Booklet:
    GO Mix & Match 216 Additional Patterns

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