Getting Started with your GO! Cutter

Not sure how to get started with your GO! Cutter? Check out the tips and tricks below.

Preparing your fabric

When getting ready to prepare your fabric remember that all fabrics have residual shrinkage. It's critical that you cut your fabric on the lengthwise grain (see image below).

lengthwise grain


The lengthwise grain has minimal stretch compared to crosswise grain. (Pam Says "High & Tight is Right"). Cutting on the bias grain will distort your cuts. It's best to avoid cutting on the bias as much as possible. You should always test-cut your fabric to ensure integrity of the cuts are maintained. Check out Pam's thoughts on lengthwise grain below.



If you are still experiencing cutting inconsistencies, we recommend the following tip:

Sandwich a piece of clean white paper on top of the fabric but before the cutting mat and roll the die through the cutter. See photo below.

Don’t worry! It’s perfectly fine to cut some paper with your GO! fabric cutter, but we recommend keeping this practice to a minimum and that you treat your Studio and GO! Fabric Cutter dies like you would your fabric cutting scissors.

paper cut

Keep in mind, if you will be cutting many layers, you may have to adjust the number of layers again to ensure accuracy of all layers. Always run test cuts prior to cutting an entire quilt.

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