How do I Customize an AccuQuilt Pattern to Make it My Own?

Looking for ways to express your creativity, but don't want to spend hours at the store selecting fabric? Check out our new GO! Quilt web platform.

About GO! Quilt

In 2019, AccuQuilt released GO! Quilt - a web platform that makes it easy for our customers to design their next quilting project. With more than 400 patterns (and more being added every day), you can generate your own personalized project with cutting and sewing instructions.

GO! Quilt Features

The GO! Quilt platform is connected to and the systems "talk" to each other. Simply sign in with your AccuQuilt account and play.

You can filter projects by difficulty, technique and project type. Then customize your project with colors and fabrics uploaded from your stash or swatches from websites.

Once you're done customizing, GO! Quilt generates cutting instructions based on the dies in your AccuQuilt Product Library. If you don't have the necessary dies, GO! Quilt will recommend dies for you. The instructions can be printed or viewed online. There are even informative tutorials, if you need assistance making the projects.

All your creations can be saved in your project library! And the best part is - it's FREE! From there, purchases can be made either on or at your local retailer.

Personalized Fabric Stash

The GO! Quilt platform comes with color swatches and fabric swatches from many popular fabric companies for use in customizing patterns. You can also take a picture of fabric from your stash and upload it to GO! Quilt. Check out an example below.

Pattern Conversion

If you're looking to find the right die to make shapes in your personalized pattern, check out our Cutting Equivalents Chart to see which shapes you can create with the different dies. This chart will give you the details below on the dies and their finished sizes so you can find the right die for your project.

GO! Equivalents

Converting Non-AccuQuilt Patterns

Do you have a non-AccuQuilt pattern you've been dying to make, but want to use your AccuQuilt fabric cutter and dies? There's A Die For That!! Visit your local retailer and ask them about upcoming In-store Educator Events.

Due to the times we are currently living in, we are also offering a series of Virtual Events that you can participate in from the comfort and safety of your own home. Check out our Events Calendar using this quick link: Virtual Events Schedule and Sign Up

AccuQuilt has created a class that specifically focuses on pattern conversion and teaching you how to look for clues and identify shapes in patterns. Ask your local retailer for the There's A Die For That event! The possibilities are endless.