How do I get AccuQuilt Emails?

Below is a walk-through of how to subscribe to AccuQuilt emails for the first time or resubscribe after opting out.

How to Subscribe to AccuQuilt Email

If you've visited, you have no doubt been given the option to subscribe to emails during your visit. If you are anything like us, you might have been more focused on why you visited the site and passed up the opportunity. Never fear! You can subscribe to AccuQuilt emails in just a few easy steps. Visit the Subscription page to enter your name and email. You'll start getting our emails filled with free patterns, details on new product releases, tips and techniques, and much more.

How to Resubscribe to AccuQuilt Email

If you've opted out of our emails either accidentally or on-purpose and want to resubscribe:

  1. Visit the Resubscribe page.
  2. Type in your email address.
  3. Click the text that says “Looks like you’ve opted out of email communication. Click here to get an email and opt back in.” (Pictured below)

4. You will receive an email with the subject line “Request to resubscribe to email.

5. Click the link to update your subscription preferences.

What are the benefits of AccuQuilt Email?

If you subscribe to AccuQuilt email, you have the opportunity to receive free patterns, see new product releases sooner than non-subscribers, get helpful tips and techniques, and are notified when we have new blog posts that might interest you.

It's a great opportunity for you to take advantage of any sales and discounts, and it keeps you informed and up-to-date on what's going on with the company. At AccuQuilt, we love to hear from our email subscribers! So, you never know when a survey and the possibility of winning AccuQuilt products might pop up in your inbox!

Unsubscribe or opt-out of email and/or SMS text messages

You can unsubscribe your email address by scrolling to the bottom of one of our emails and clicking on Manage your email preferences or unsubscribe to remove your email address from our list. Please allow approximately 10 business days for this to go into effect. If it goes past 10 business days and you are still receiving emails, please let us know.
To no longer receive or opt-out of SMS text messages, please use your phone and text the word STOP to 74881.

Still have questions?