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How do I cut square blocks or diamonds with my strip cutter?

Looking for a square block size that we don't currently have a die for, here's another way to cut it!

Our strip cutter dies are so versatile! Did you know that you can use them to cut blocks, rectangles, diamonds, and bias bindings? If you're unfamiliar with this technique our quilting expert, Pam Heller, recently demonstrated how to cut blocks using your strip cutter(s) on FaceBook Live. Here's a quick link: FaceBook Live 10/7/20.

We've created several videos demonstrating the various techniques using strip cutters. Let's get started with Strip Cutter Basics

More...More! Ready to learn more?

Here's a quick link to our video library with all kinds of tips showing you exactly how to get "strip cutter creative!" We've attached a sample of popular topics below.

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