How do I convert a pattern to use AccuQuilt dies?

How to use non-AccuQuilt patterns with our dies.

Converting Non-AccuQuilt Patterns

Do you have a non-AccuQuilt pattern you've been dying to make, but want to use your AccuQuilt fabric cutter and dies? Visit your local retailer and ask them about In-store Educator Events. AccuQuilt has created a class that specifically focuses on pattern conversion and teaching you how to look for clues and identify shapes in patterns. Ask your Signature Retailer for the There's A Die For That event! The possibilities are endless.

Pattern Conversion

If you're looking to find the right die to make shapes in your personalized pattern, check out our Cutting Equivalents Chart to see which shapes you can create with the different dies. This chart will give you the details below on the dies and their finished sizes so you can find the right die for your project.

GO! Equivalents