My GO! or Studio Cutter Needs Repair. What do I do?

Looking for repair service for your GO! or Studio cutter outside the warranty period? Review your options below.

AccuQuilt offers repair service for our fabric cutters. The cost of the service is $30.00 plus the shipping cost to get the cutter to us (if you are outside of your warranty). AccuQuilt will make the necessary repair(s). This typically takes an average of 10-20 business days. Once the repair(s) are completed, AccuQuilt ships the cutter back to you at our cost, and it comes with a new warranty.

Please contact Customer Experience to arrange the repair.

GO! Handle Problem?

If you are experiencing problems with your GO! cutter handle and want to fix it yourself instead of sending it to us, just reach out to our Customer Experience team to place an order for the GO! Handle Repair kit ($10 cost + shipping). The repair is easy. See how in this quick tutorial and video.

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