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Die Storage

How to Store & Organize GO! Dies. Have you ever wondered "what is the best way to store my dies?"

We recommend that dies be stored on their sides or in a wire storage rack.

You can lay your dies flat depending on the amount of storage space you have available. However, if you store your dies flat, we suggest that you do not stack them. The extra pressure caused by the weight of subsequent dies can warp the cutting blades of the dies on the bottom of the stack and can damage the dies. 

Let your imagination be your guide!

Here's a quick link to our Blog Page. Check out lots of great ideas from other quilters! Over the years, we've seen our inventive GO! users come up with some pretty creative storage solutions!

So which one do I choose?

We have a variety of die storage systems available on our AccuQuilt.com website. Check out the wide variety of systems shown here. 

GO! Die Storage Racks

Pre-Organized GO! Qube Blocks & Companions

  • All of our mix and match Qubes come with their own storage boxes! You'll have everything you need right at your fingertips!

GO! Die Storage Boxes

Or you may prefer an Enclosed Die Storage system such as the

  • GO! 10" x 10" Die Storage # 55852 or the
  • GO! 6" x 12" Die Storage # 55851.

Cutting Cabinets Designed for GO!

Rolling Totes for Travel

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