My GO! Cutter Handle is Broken! Now what?

AccuQuilt GO! Cutters are sturdy machines that should last through hundreds of thousands of cuts with standard use. However, if problems occur, we're here to help!

Still Under Warranty?

AccuQuilt offers a one-year limited warranty on GO! machines and a three-year limited warranty on Studio machines. If you register your cutter online, you'll get an additional six months. Find warranty information here if your machine gives you problems within those timeframes.

AccuQuilt Repairs

AccuQuilt does offer repair service at a small cost for products outside their warranty. Check out the details here.

DIY Repair

If you're looking to repair your own GO! Cutter handle, we can help! Just call Customer Experience and you will be shipped a GO! Handle Repair kit for $10 + shipping costs. The video below walks you through how to replace the GO! Cutter handle.


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