How do I set up an account with AccuQuilt?

Having an account with AccuQuilt allows you to easily make purchases, register your AccuQuilt products, and download patterns. An account makes you a member of the AccuQuilt community where you can come for fun and inspiration for your next project.

Steps to setting up an account:

  • Visit the AccuQuilt homepage.
  • Click Sign In on the top right-hand side of the screen.
  • Click on Create An Account on right-hand side.
New Account Login
  • Enter required personal information and sign in information to create an account.
Create Account

Making a purchase with your account:

You will find your account able to help you with all types of purchases of AccuQuilt products.

If you prefer to shop at your local retailer, you can visit our locate-a-store option and be part of that local community of quilters as well. Your account will still come in handy so you can register your products and AccuQuilt helps you keep track of what products you own (more detail below).

You can also purchase online and enjoy the benefit of shopping from your own home! All you need to do is sign in with your account, add items to your bag, and check out. When you do this online you get a lot of extras including:

  • Suggestions for compatible items.
  • Compatible patterns for your product purchases.
  • Calculation of your Reward Points with each order.
  • Financing options of credit card, PayPal, or PayPal Credit (for qualified buyers).
  • Free shipping on orders over $150.

Registering products on your account:

  • Check out the steps here regarding registering your products on your account.
  • Download the AccuQuilt Product Registration app for iPhone or through the Google Play Store.

Tracking purchases with your account:

  • To track your purchases visit your account at My Orders.
  • If your order has shipped, you can track your order with the information provided in a tracking email.
  • If your order is in process and you have questions, please reach out to our Customer Experience team at 888.258.7913 ext. 2478 for further information.

Downloading and creating patterns with your account:

The last thing we want is for you to purchase your AccuQuilt GO! or Studio items and leave them sitting in a box. We've made it easy for you to build and create projects using your account.

  • To download AccuQuilt patterns, visit the Patterns section of our site. You can review available patterns, determine which patterns are compatible with the products you own, and download the patterns to create your very own project!
  • To customize patterns that work with your AccuQuilt products, check out GO! Quilt. Here you can create projects that work with the products you own, or see what you need to make your dream-project. You can select levels of difficulty, modify the pattern to fit your creative flare, and even upload swatches of your own fabric stash to see what the project will look like before you start. Project instructions include necessary tools, fabric amounts, pattern, and cutting and sewing instructions.

Sharing projects with your account:

One of the best things about the AccuQuilt community is the excitement and inspiration you get from sharing your projects and seeing other work. Check out these sites dedicated to quiltspiration from AccuQuilt customers.

Once you're logged into your account, you can visit our Learn & Share center to have your projects shared in our community - and maybe even be featured on our site or social media!

Watch the screen share below on sharing your projects on

HubSpot Video


Now that you have created your own account, take advantage of all the options above. Make sure you share your AccuQuilt projects with the community! We love hearing feedback from our customers!

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